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Yesterday was an important day here at Little Locks.

Not just for a certain little boy and his mum, but for myself too. When we first had a "vision" of our new children's hair salon, We were determined to create an atmosphere that was accessible to EVERY child.

Every child is different in their own little way and we have lots of these lovely children in our community. My son being one (until he recently became a young adult!) With this at the forefront of my mind since opening, we spent lots of time, gently encouraging an apprehensive, unsure but gorgeous little boy on the Autistic Spectrum, so he would feel less anxious and completely comfortable before even attempting a haircut.

So.....yesterday, my amazingly patient and understanding niece and stylist, Georgia, was able to give him a haircut that he and his mum had needed/wanted for quite a while!! I sadly wasn't in the salon at the time, but when I found out I was bursting with pride! I am so proud of all three of them. Between us we cracked it and I want everybody to know that; no matter how worried, anxious, shy, impaired or different......EVERY child is welcome at Little Locks.

Even if you or your little person aren't quite ready to take that step yet, please just come in and say hi and familiarise yourselves with the salon. It really helps I promise. Developing an inclusive community is so important to us, both personally and professionally at Little Locks. Feel free to share if you agree.

Hannah@Little Locks

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