About Us


We are a friendly, vibrant and professional children’s hair salon.


Our team are dedicated to pleasing little people with “Little Locks”……as well as their parents.


We know how important a successful and enjoyable visit to a salon is, especially when it comes to children. That is why we are so passionate about creating an appealing experience for both parent and their little one.


Meet Our Team

Hannah Clements

Owner of

Little Locks 


I'm a mum first then manageress. Little Locks.

is about making a fun, family friendly environment for all our little ones.


I hope you enjoy your time at Little Locks.


Worst Trait



Funnest Joke

What do elves learn in school?


The elf-abet!

Mandy Coombes




I love to talk & bring a little joy to peoples day.


Worst Trait

Never makes the Tea!

Funnest Joke

What do you call cheese that's not yours?

Nacho cheese!

Josie Howard




I love being a hair stylist and working with children makes it even more enjoyable.



Worst Trait

Can't stop talking!


Funnest Joke

What did the nut say when it sneezed?




Could this be you


Little Locks are looking for full time and part time stylists to join our team.


contact us now if you think this could be you.


Worst Trait

You're late for work


Funnest Joke

What did the Employer say to the employee?


You're Hired!